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Welcome to the Grace Notes study of Ephesians!

I suggest memorizing the Epistle to the Ephesians as part of studying the book. There are several good reasons for this.
  • In general, it helps in meditation and study to have parts of the Bible memorized. The more you have learned, the more you will think from God's viewpoint, with His words.

  • When you study verse-by-verse, even concentrating on individual words, it's easy to lose sight of the context. Memorization helps your mind range over the whole context and match scripture with scripture.

  • Memory work improves your ability to concentrate.
Some have asked what version to memorize. My answer is, memorize from the version you like the best. When you memorize, you say passages of scripture over to yourself many times. You will want to enjoy and appreciate the language of the text you are using.

Hundreds of Grace Notes subscribers are memorizing the Bible books that they study, in many different languages, so you are the best judge of what type of Bible to use.

I learn from the King James, because it has always been my primary study Bible, I'm used to it, and it's great literature! Some newer versions seem to be more clear in many places, and sometimes more accurate. But I like the King James best for it's "thundering diction".

So make the choice that you can stay with.

Some people put the individual verses on 3x5 cards (or smaller) so they can carry them with them more easily. Others will type each chapter on a piece of paper and carry it in a legal folder. Some have pocket Testaments. You'll gravitate into a system that works for you.

There are many methods for memorization. It takes work, and the more verses you learn, the more time you'll spend in review. The idea is to learn the whole book so that you can recite it (at least to yourself) without "peeking". So you can do it any way you like, or you can do what I do... :-)
  1. Learn the first verse of chapter 1, well enough to say it without looking.

  2. Learn verse 2, likewise.

  3. Learn verses 1 and 2 together, until you can say both accurately.

  4. Learn verse 3, then put it with verses 1 and 2. (You get the picture.)

  5. Continue this way through all the verses of Ephesians 1.

  6. Review chapter 1 at least once per day until you can say it accurately every time.

  7. Start learning chapter 2 the same way.
Do some memory work every day, even if it's just 10 minutes. Every day, before you begin learning new verses, recite everything you've learned so far.

You'll be rusty on some of it. If you start getting nervous or frustrated, relax, open the Bible and look at the passage, read the passage. It's good to think back on where you started and how much progress you've made. After all, if you know five verses, it's five more than you knew before!

So, it's important to be relaxed about "peeking". Look at the verses all you want. With repetition, the verses will become familiar to you. You will need help on a chapter less and less, until that time comes when you wake up one day and can say the whole thing cold.

If you've never learned a whole chapter before, you are in for a thrill! It's enormously satisfying. I've heard people complain about having to memorize anatomy books, Shakespeare, piano music, etc. etc. But I've never heard anyone complain of having learned too much scripture. The ability to let the inspired Word of God run through your mind is wonderful. You'll like it. Those who have memorized know what I'm talking about.


When you finish memorizing Ephesians (155 verses), you'll have a considerable sense of accomplishment. And you'll be ready for new challenges.

I know the Lord will bless you in your efforts to learn His Word.

Warren Doud

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