geologicsample management systems design - quality assurance program development

sample management facilities


CSC has unique experience in the design and development of Quality Assured Sample Management Facilities. E. Dow Davidson,Jr. (CSC's principal ) has achieved the distinction of having developed two of the three existing sample management facilities for the US Department of Energy's high-level waste isolation program in the United States; -Bureau of Economic Geology Core Research Center; DOE's Yucca Mountain Project Sample Management Facility. CSC also developed an Environmental Restoration Program Sample Management Facility that houses hazardous environmental restoration investigation samples at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

qa program


CSC also specializes in the development of 10 CFR 50, Appendix B / NQA-1 Quality Assurance Programs for geoscience investigation programs. Most recent work has been the development and implementation of a Quality Assurance Program for NWRPO. The NWRPO QA Program controls an independent scientific program that is focused on the area down gradient from the US Department of Energy's Yucca Mountain Project. A wide range of borehole drilling and sampling, well testing, geochemical analysis, geophysical testing, and aquifer testing activities are included in the program. The CSC developed NWRPO QA Program has been accepted by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

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